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Artisan Miniatures Silverware Chests with Drawers

Artisan Miniatures Silverware Chests with Drawers

  • $ 5000

This is ‘Artisan Miniatures' dollhouse miniature of a lovely silverware chest with a working drawer. The interior is lined with velvet and beautiful edging. The chest measures about an inch wide and an inch deep. It is also available to make without the drawer. Unlike most other kits, the Silverware Chests are not placed in plastic bags when completed and a stapler and staples is not required. To assemble this product, a pair of wire cutters, a pair of scissors and a ruler are required, but not supplied. This is a great product for people who like working in wood.

Artisan Miniatures will buy 10 completed Silverware chests with drawer for $60. That's $6.00 per chest!